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  • Are you arguing more and "loving" less?
  • Are you feeling lonely, sad or frustrated by the problems in your marriage?
  • Are you attracted to someone else or worried that your spouse might be having an affair?
  • Do you feel like you "love" your partner but are no longer "in love"?
  • Is the communication, which used to be so easy, now strained or gone and do you feel like you have lost your best friend?

Talk with John Turner or Sally Connolly at Couples Counseling of Louisville.  They have helped hundreds of couples recover from these and other problems.  Maybe it is not too late for them to help you.

Couples Counseling of Louisville provides live and online relationship counseling for marriages, couples and individuals living in Kentucky. 

Statistics show that most couples wait an average of 6 years, after problems develop, to ask for help for their relationship.  By that time, many of the feelings of love and respect have eroded and distance and loneliness have intruded into the feelings of caring and affection.

Sally and John specialize in marriage, couples and relationship counseling. They have the life experiences, clinical knowledge and skills to be clear and direct with couples, provide concrete ideas and direction to help them resolve many of the problems that cause distress in their marriage and relationships.

Practical and Positive Help for Couples  


Their marriage and couples counseling focuses on helping couples develop clear and healthy patterns of communication and conflict resolution. John and Sally both work from a positive perspective, building on what couples are already doing well and what is working. Minimal time is spent talking about problems, most of the conversation is directed toward specific changes to help couples move forward and solve problems.

Problems With Affairs                                      

 Sally and John have a lot of experience in counseling couples with infidelity issues, having helped many navigate the painful times of the trauma of infidelity. If you or your spouse have had an affair, they can help.

Listen to John and Sally's interview on the public radio station, WFPL's program, State of Affairs, on the subject of infidelity.

Individual Counseling                                                                                  

 Many individuals also find their way to the Couples Counseling office. John and Sally meet with people who are concerned about relationships, who struggle with depression or anxiety, who are making life transitions, experiencing problems at work and other life struggles.  

Some of the individuals that they have helped have been coping with divorce, the struggles of rearing adolescents, caring for aging parents, retirement, and family business issues.

Many who go through these times also experience loneliness, depression and worry.

Both Sally and John have clear and practical ideas to help you through these difficult times.  Read more about their expertise with individual problems.

Visit Their Blog                                                                                                                                

Visit their blog, Relationship Dilemma Remedies … read some of their ideas about solving couple, family and life dilemmas … and engage in conversation about your experiences.  

Contact John and Sally by phone or email to discuss what is going on in your life and your relationship.



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